Natural Language Processing (NLP)

SILLY uses NLP algorithms to understand, process input, and generate relevant answers.

Natural language processing is a fundamental building block for establishing human-grade communication models. It is a system for interpreting arbitrary/abstract text/speech inputs that do not lend themselves to uniform structures to produce relevant outputs.

The model of human communication is a messy one. The lingual variance in the syntactic, semantic, phonetic, and lexical styles people use cannot be quantified; there will be as many unique communication styles as there are personalities.

Therefore, to establish coherent communication between man and machine, NLP frameworks have been developed around fundamental principles that are consistently found in all forms of communication.

Those principles revolve around parsing, part-of-speech tagging, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and text tokenization.

SILLY application of NLP in its AI system takes in human language input, comprehends the intention/request/prompt, and responds accurately. Crypto, blockchain, and Web3 are all novel, radically evolving domains of knowledge that garner cross-cultural interest. Given that the informational density of their respective subject matters spans broadly, the NLP algorithms in SILLY AI will help with being able to to translate inputs and produce coherent, contextually aware responses effectively

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