SILLY is powered by GPT-4 language models that can be triggered to execute natural language processes with the assistance of accurately constructed text prompts.

SILLY GPT-4 improves model "alignment" - the ability to follow user intentions while also making it more truthful and generating less offensive or dangerous output. It also improves on factual correctness and "steerability," which is the ability to change its behavior according to user requests. SILLY GPT provides easy access to the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets through a suite of tools and services. Specifically, SILLY GPT offers global network-level services, multi-asset transfers, and custodial services.

SILLY GPT also provides comprehensive explanations about the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, making it easy to understand the basics of how the markets work. Furthermore, SILLY GPT provides educational resources that can help users learn about the various aspects of these markets, such as their anatomy, their use cases, and their future potential.

Beyond that, SILLY GPT provides comprehensive support services, such as customer support, technical support, and regulatory compliance solutions. All of these services and features provide individuals and organizations with the ability to quickly access, understand, and interact with the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets with confidence.

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